Get a WACSO drawing of your dog for a donation to a pet rescue.

Here’s how it works:

1.) Send me photos of your pooch, as many photos as you can...I can’t have too many photos to work from.     

2.) Make a donation to the pet rescue/shelter of your choice...any amount is good...don’t be shy! (Don’t

     have a rescue in mind? I can give you the name of a rescue if you would like.)

3.) Once I receive notice that a donation has been made in WACSO’s honor I start drawing.

4.) You will receive a hi-res jpeg (usually more than one) that you can print however you would

      like...people have made t-shirts, mugs, calendars etc. I also upload the images to a print site where you

      can order quality prints, add a frame or even print them on canvas and they do very nice work.

5.) Sound cool? Send me an email and let’s start helping dogs and making art.